Fluoride-Free Water – Anti-Fluoridation Campaign for Drinking Water in Ireland

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Harmful toxic fluorides in tap water are a poison and they damage both teeth and soft tissue and bone. Please visit www.fluoridealert.org for information on all health studies relevant to water fluoridation. It is illegal to force anyone to take 'poisons' without their knowledge or informed consent. Compensation has been paid in other countries for harmful fluoride damage. You may be eligible for compensation. It is illegal to force anyone to take 'poisons' . You have a right to say no to 'poisons', and this is known in law as your right to 'personal bodily integrity'.

We believe you always retain that right, and that it is violated by compulsory artificial water fluoridation.

Please refer to Irish Constitution. Click for a plain HTML text version or an Adobe PDF version of the Irish Constitution.

The Irish Constitution is divided into 50 sections. The section relevant to water fluoridation is under Fundamental Rights, Article 40, Section 3, Sub section 1.

We believe the addition of any cumulative toxic substance without informed consent is a grave infringement of personal bodily integrity.