Fluoride-Free Water – Anti-Fluoridation Campaign for Drinking Water in Ireland

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Ever since the 'start' of this unhealthy policy began officially in 1965 the Irish environment has been flooded with toxic fluorides from artificial water fluoridation. Drinking water usage is the target for artificial water fluoridation yet this amounts to only 1% of usage. The remaining 99% of water usage is for non-drinking purposes and is subject to the toxic additives which seeps out into lakes and groundwater affecting the delicate ecosystem for over forty years. Overdosing has been noted by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in many areas in Ireland in their Water Quality Reports.

We believe information on the toxic risks of agents used in artificial water fluoridation, which impact on general health and the environment, was not adequately released to the public since water fluoridation began in Ireland.

It is unclear why the compulsory water fluoridation programme allowed over 40 years of toxic fluorides to enter the Irish eco system. (There was no express standards for fluorides in environment waters in Ireland until recently. ref: Fluoridation Forum Report 2002, page 180).

The 'Dangerous Substances Directive 2006/11/EC' lists 'Fluoride' on List 11 of its polluting substances which must be reduced.

The Material Safety Data sheet for Hydrofluorosilicic Acid (H2SiF6) currently used in Irish water fluoridation lists this fluoride as a Class 8 corrosive acid and warns that large amounts will damage aquatic life.